ISEEU Trade Visit Portal


  • Upon clicking the link you might be asked to ALLOW DUO to use your MICROPHONE and CAMERA – Please state ALLOW
  • On the next screen press START
  • When successfuly enterd the Trade visit room please put your microphone on MUTE
  • Optional you can disable your camera in case of poor network speed on your side.
  • To set the Trade visit feed as the main feed tap (on a phone) or click (on a PC) on the trade visit video video feed window and click the PIN in the center of the video feed.
  • Should you want to ask a question/make a statement kindly unmute your video and state your question when there is no one speaking.
Click on this picture to enter the Trade Visit

LINDOR Lindt trade visit 25/11/2021

During this 60min Virtual Trade Visit you will have the opportunity to experience a LIVE view of the follong stores:

  • Sonstraal Super Spar
  • Top Sonstraal

Kindly have the following available in order to enjoy this visit in depth:

  • Promotional Summary grid for the Spar Group
  • Trade execution grids
  • Product flow indicators
  • RSP by brand