About Us

I SEE U Track and TNA is a universal company specialising in Asset tracking and remote TNA Management solutions. The company was founded by Clint (25 Year veteran in the FMCG Sales and Marketing Retail industry) working with International Brands and Mr. Rudolf Goosen (TV Personality, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur and 20 Year veteran in the sales and marketing industry for international companies).

I SEE U Track & TNA is a privately owned and managed Asset Tracking and TNA Management business servicing medium to large companies throughout South Africa.

As part of the ongoing vision I SEE U Track and TNA will develop its services into electronic and systems monitoring. I SEE U Track and TNA was founded in 2018 and was operational middle 2018. This unique service offering is the first of its kind and allows customers the ability to measure TNA for field worker application and assist in asset tracking of high value items. This enables our clients to comply at agreed service level agreements with their customers and clients whilst managing human capital with more accuracy to ensure efficiency in the workplace.

I SEE U Track and TNA is a GPS enabled system that allows for any form of asset to be managed depending on the need of the customer. I SEE U Track and TNA offers a physical tracking device that will respond to certain present parameters for TNA Management as well as Asset tracking. This can be used to understand field worker TNA patterns as well as recovery or warning on assets that need monitoring in the marketplace. The uniqueness of this product lies within the fact that it can be applied in both a hardware unit or a smart device application.

This I SEE U system is server based hence users can access it remotely from anywhere in the world. There is no hardware installation or -intrusion upon your current systems.

The technology is based on GSM Technology and is dependent on a small amount of data (25meg p/m) as well as active cell reception in the area that the deice operates in. The I SEE U Track and TNA Hardware unit comes pre-loaded with cell data and accompanied with an external charger. This concept is a game changer in the management of Time and Attendance with field operated staff. We have developed the product and service to ensure accurate Payroll management.

We have a dedicated team managing the Master data for these Tracking units and applications to suit our client’s needs. We are able to generate meaningful reports to assist you with the effective management of Timing and Attendance.

Our Vision: Exceeding customer expectations by measure, manage and monitoring assets and human capital within the marketplace.

Mission Statement: Increasing productivity through effective business management and return on investment.

Company Objectives:

  • Will be the most used Tracking and TNA platform in Africa by 2020. This will enable businesses’ to become more effective and efficient, allowing them to operate more effective and efficiently.
  • I SEE U Track and TNA believe in a fair and equal diversification strategy with, cross functional integration. Encouraging business efficiency  through technology and innovation resulting in increased profitability.
  • I SEE U Track and TNA believe that by enabling companies to measure and monitor asset and human performance it will increase company effiecency. This process will stimulate the opportunity for higher profits, better customer service, total control and reinvestment of savings within the business. Therefor assisting companies to become more effective in asset and opportunity cost management.